Using our Locate365 Platform and Electronic Seals along with our specially designed secured mobile app will track all movements of the boxes and is equipped with high industrial grade sensor and electronic locking mechanism. The box sensor sends alarms for any tampering attempts including but not limited to – Unauthorized lock opening, light sensor, low battery, idle alert, physical damage alarm etc.

Further locate the Polling centers using GPS and controls all the sealing and opening are done within the geo fenced secured areas which are predefined from the central platform.

Key benefits:

We manage all sizes of the farms by making use of remotely managed field access points.


Multi-level User Profiles

  • Managing users and their roles across National level
  • Full control of access rights for administrator

Report and Analytics

  • Reports for analysing the system usage and monitoring
  • Integration with BI Analytics Tools


  • Tampering/diversion/ Movement away from designated location is identified immediately
  • Raises Alarm whenever arming/disarming of the any box/ distribution van happens
  • Configure various time limits for the Boxes in Van, if stops for more than allocated time at a location, system will raise alarm

Real time Tracking and Geo Fencing

  • Exact identification of the Boxes location in terms of the longitude and latitude positions on the maps
  • Pre-configure the GEO-fenced route and locations before the start of its journey.
  • In case of any breach in the Geo-fenced route, system raises alarm to the central headquarters.