IOT Platform as a Service

To encourage innovation and make a business smart with IOT (Internet of Things), enterprises need a secure, scalable, robust and manageable IoT Platform. The platform which can connect various critical assets/devices.

Our IOT platform


5000+ users globally
1.5 Million+ assets tracked
650,000 Alerts processed
5,000,000 Transactions Processed
100,000 liters of fuel optimized

All features are based on our decade long experience, customer’s feedback and research done by our experts.

Scalable Architecture

The platform architecture is based on Micro services which can scale up easily without compromising the uptime and availability.

Independent Device Management

Aggregate data from any kind of sensors whether legacy or new and it supports wide range of industry protocols with grouping functionality. The devices can be managed locally in the field or remotely through cloud.

Seamless Integration

Platform supports open API’s which help fetching required data from the platform. This data can be required for 3rd party application integration or for building other applications on top of the platform.

Alarm Management

Provides ability to create and manage alarms related to your entities: devices, assets, customers, etc. Allows real-time alarms monitoring and alarms propagation to related entities hierarchy. Raise alarms on device disconnect or inactivity events.

Multi-Tenant System

Support multi-tenant installations out-of-the-box. Single tenant may have multiple tenant administrators and millions of devices and customers.

Advance Reporting and Data Analytics

The real time analytics and dashboard provides the 360 Degree view. The platform comes with out of the box reports with the possibility of customization and Intelligent Report Scheduler.

Technology Stack

This is what we do

Taking transit goods movement monitoring beyond automation

Unique and sophisticated real-time Electronic Cargo Tracking and Security System helps government agencies in enhancing enforcement of cargo handling regulations, maintaining the region as the preferred trade route for cargo and thereby improving tax collection by curbing incidents of dumping. Improves revenue collection processes.

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Track, monitor and manage your vehicles remotely

Utilize the resources more efficiently and eliminating unauthorized movements of fleet and track the daily, weekly, monthly records of fleet, thus improve on the delivery of services.

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Manage your herd at your desk, in the field, or on the go

IoT and Data Analytics technologies to connect animals will be able to completely transform and approach breeding in a much more scientific way. IoT will increase industry profits, reduce drug use, increase the well-being of animals, and increase the quality of livestock products.

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Empowering smallholder farmers, field agents, and agro input companies

A mobile application connecting smallholder farmers to agri-input companies, produce markets, financial institutions, and scientific proven data insights. The detailed insights assist farmers in making data driven operational decisions to maximise yield and increase revenue with minimal operational cost.

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State-of-the-art solution for controlling the movement of high value assets

Specially designed secured mobile app will track all movements of the boxes and is equipped with high industrial grade sensor and electronic locking mechanism. The box sensor sends alarms for any tampering attempts including but not limited to – Unauthorized lock opening, light sensor, low battery, idle alert, physical damage alarm etc.

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Ensure safe driving and prevent miss happening during transit on road

Create multi-layer profiles and monitor the driving pattern of the vehicle to avoid accidents on road proactively. It improves vehicle performance by minimizing strain on engine and other automotive parts.

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