IOT in Smart Fleet Management

With dynamically changing requirements on the daily operational activities. It has become evident that we make use of technology and leverage on the strengths of connected devices for providing operational managers, back office analytics team with more data points. These data points are available in today’s world from various channels/medium. Our Locate365 - IOT in Smart Fleet Management will utilize the resources more efficiently and eliminating unauthorized movements of fleet and track the daily, weekly, month records of fleet, thus improve on the delivery of services. Usage of IOT in Smart Fleet Management increases the accuracy, effectiveness and speed of tracking and delivering the solutions.

We have implemented and succeeded IOT in Smart Fleet system and also planned to implement IOT into many other technologies and deliver effective solutions.

Key benefits of Smart Fleet system:

Features of IOT in Smart Fleet Management

Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring

  • 360 Degree view of entire fleet
  • Real-time tracking using GPS and sending all communication over GPRS
  • Configurable communication interval between device and platform

Driver Management using IOT in Smart Fleet Management

  • Driver behavior analysis and driver score card
  • Manage driver details and supporting documents
  • Driving License renewal/expiry alerts

Vehicle Management

  • Manage vehicle specification, registration certification expiry and information
  • Manage vehicle maintenance and service
  • Reminder for upcoming vehicle services

Alert Management

  • Create rules to trigger alerts via SMS
  • Fuel and vehicle theft alert
  • Over speeding, harsh cornering, sudden brake and other violation alerts

MIS Reports using IOT in Smart Fleet Management brings

  • Out of the box reports
  • Vehicles, drivers, & trips specific reports
  • Customized reports

Fuel Management

  • Real time data on change in fuel level
  • Sudden decrease in fuel will trigger fuel theft alert
  • For each event geo location will be logged in the system