Speed Governing System solution provides virtual speeds of all the vehicles on the grid and alert concern officers to take action on over speeding vehicles and avoid accident caused due to over speeding. Our Internet of Things (IoT) platform is designed for managing multi-vendor speed governor integrations and provide single intelligent data analytics platform. The Road Transport Safety Authority can empanel vendors to supply and install the approved devises. These devises shall be configured on to our platform and hence create a uniformed interface for Road Transport Safety Authority to monitor the over speeding vehicles on the grid.

The basic idea of having this kind of speed limited is control the speed of the vehicle as per the speed fix by the Authority in order to ensure safety driving by the driver and also to prevent any miss happening during transit or in movement of the vehicle on the road.

Key benefits of Speed Governing System:


Real-Time Tracking

  • Know where the cars are now exactly, manage and control all at the same time

Speed Limitation

  • When a vehicle is moving over the preset speed, it is sent as an alert to the concern officer to proactively control the speed and avoid accidents

Data Store & Export

  • All trip, user audit and speed data can be exported as a report

Tamper Proof

  • If speed governor is removed, you can get alarm