Electronic Cargo Tracking System (ECTS) helps in managing the end to-end tracking of the goods to ensure the goods reach the intended destination and to the right purpose that further ensures the revenue collection and prevention of illegal activities. Each cargo leaving the port has GPS tracker and electronic seal (IoT) with geo fenced route. The control center gets an alert if the geo fence is deviated or seal is broken or tampered with. The system helps in saving millions of dollars by tracking the transit goods. Our system will not only report such an event, but also follow the truck movement out of the assigned route and locate the exact position live. One of the most significant features of Cargo Tracking System is the reliability, as the outputs of this system will be the basis for legal and financial implications. It has the ability to function even in the absence of other supporting systems.

Key benefits of ECTS system:

Features: IOT in ECTS

Real-Time Location Tracking

  • Full control on cargo tracking throughout its journey from the point of start to its destination.
  • Works on GSM and GPS system which are highly reliable.

Geo Fencing - IOT in ECTS

  • IOT in ECTS here is used as GEO-fencing Electronic Seal
  • Facility to configure GEO-fenced routes at the beginning of the cargo’s journey
  • Display of realistic movement of cargo

Alarm and Alerts

  • If cargo stops for more than the allocated time, or deviated from defined route
  • If the electronic seal is damaged, tampered, and discharged
  • Rule engine to create alarms notification

Reports and Integration Capability

  • Drilled down out of the box reports
  • Can be integrated with Bussiness Intelligence tools
  • Integration capability with third party applications via APIs

IOT in ECTS helps track cargo more effectively compared with ECTS alone used to track the cargo. IOT product is used in the form of Geo fencing. These GEO- fenced Electronic Seal sensors will alarm whenever the Cargo loses track or if there is no movement for long time.