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The Internet of Things has opened up a new line of innovation in connecting the things worldwide. IOT (Internet of Things) is a mode that has built the bridge between physical world and Online world. The Internet of Things has its application and use cases across all the industries like Manufacturing, Agriculture, Mobility and Security, Healthcare, Retail, Supply Chain, Infrastructure etc. Internet of things is an Interconnection of devices, objects and in a transparent way for sharing information and coordination of operations between the disparate systems and devices.

Techno brain - IOT

  • An IOT professional company that develops apps helps in creating various IOT apps using different technologies.
  • Techno Brain provides Locate365 – an Enterprise IOT Platform for a large majority of the established IOT use cases.

IOT Use Cases – Techno Brain:

  • We have worked with IOT on some different technologies using sensors and have succeeded on implementations.
  • Digital Agriculture, Electronic Box Tracking, Smart Fleet, Speed Governing System etc.
Transit Monitoring
  • Secure Cargo Tracking
  • Seal Monitoring
  • Theft detection and Alarms
  • Role based unique access
Smart Fleet
  • Fleet Management
  • Speed Governing as per local transport authority policies
  • Predective Maintenance
  • Unauthorized Movement Alerts
  • Data Analytics On Live Engine Data
Livestock Managment
  • Track the movements of the cow
  • Real time & early warning for theft / hostility / illness
  • Increase the growing conditions
  • Increasing yield and saving operational cost
Digital Agriculture
  • Provide farmers with ground moisture data
  • Aerial crop sensors for agriculture with integrated features to ensure accuracy
  • Edge-compute architectures for immediate in-field processing
  • Detect individual weeds down to a few centimeters
Electronic Box Tracking
  • Real Time Box Location Tracking
  • Tampering and Diversion Alerts
  • Pre-configured Geo Fences Route
  • Secured and Reliable Transit Operation
Speed Governing System
  • Real time Tracking
  • Speed Control and Tamper Proof
  • Alerts for all Violations
  • Multi-layer User Profiles